Alpine Gutters believes it ought to be a safe experience to hire a contractor to work on your home. Being invited to work on your home is a privilege–one that we take very seriously; we understand your home is quite possibly your single greatest investment.

Since 2002 we have helped hundreds of homeowners just like you in Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton complete similar projects on their homes; and we’re the first call for many of our local professional Property Managers. Our purpose is for you to have peace of mind through each step of your project.

We’re a lot like Holmes on Homes–except we’re local and we specialize in gutters. We look forward to working with you to complete your project. You won’t have to think about it again, and the finished product will be something you can take pride in


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Gutter Services


Question: Will my house be secure while you’re doing the work?

Yes – we don’t need to access the interior of your house to complete the work.

Question: Are you insured?

Yes – it’s important to protect your property against the unexpected. We carry a $5 million general liability insurance policy to that if anything unexpected happens during the course of our work, you and your property are fully protected.

All Alpine Gutters staff are all insured through WorkSafe BC.

Question: Do you stand behind your work?

Yes. This includes using high quality products to minimize call backs due to product issues; and supporting our installs often beyond the letter of the written warranty. Our purpose is to provide you with peace of mind, such that you don’t have to think about it again once your project is completed – unless you’re showing off your new gutters (or any of our other services) to your friends and neighbours.


Question: Do you clean up after yourself?

Yes – we aspire to leave your property cleaner than we found it (in the area we are working, we’re not a yard service). A tidy work environment is an efficient work environment. This includes projects that extend for multiple days – we’ll clean up at the end of each day so you don’t have to ‘work around us’ even when we’re not there. This includes using a rolling magnet to pick up any nails, screws or bits of metal.

Question: How long does it take to get the work done?

GUTTERS – most projects can be completed in a single day, including tear-off if we’re replacing existing gutters. Larger homes & buildings are usually completed within 2 days. We often increase the size of the crew on larger projects to ensure the work gets done quickly.

FASCIA – if we are replacing your fascia as well it will typically add 1 day to the length of the project.

SOFFIT – for the average house replacing the soffit takes 1-2 days

SNOW STOPS – typically adds1 additional day to the length of the project


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Alpine Gutters Unit 4B – 38928 Production Way Squamish BC V8B 0K3



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Sliding / creeping snow and ice wreak havoc on regular aluminum gutters and some steel gutters – sometimes tearing them off annually. Alpine Gutters installs 26 gauge & 24 gauge steel gutters with special high strength fasteners to withstand as much snow & ice abuse as possible. Our Steel Gutter System is built to last – and it does.


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T-Rex is designed for new construction or to replace the existing gutter system of a home or structure.

Gutters equipped with the T-Rex continuous hanger system are securely protected from leaves, debris, snow and ice. It is both the strongest and lowest maintenance gutter system available and comes with a 40 year clog free warranty.

What this means to you:

Your gutters will flow smoothly year-round & last significantly longer!

Happy homeowners use the Alu-Rex T-Rex continuous hanger gutter system from Alpine Gutters.

Gutters & downpipe are available in 20+ colours.

Basic open top gutter also available in all colours.



Alpine Gutters will supply & install new fascias to your home – including tearing down the old ones. Whether the old ones were damaged by the original gutters or you simply want to give your home a facelift we can take care of it.

We will supply either SPF Comb Faced trim materials (6″ – 12″) or Full Dimension Cedar trim materials (6″ – 12″) to your home. All fascia materials are primed and two (2) coats of paint / stain applied prior to install – then touched up in the field after installation.


Soffit can often be a forgotten part of the upper edge of your home – a nice soffit can really make a big difference in the appearance, but more importantly it is critical to the efficient ventilation of your attic system. A properly ventilated attic space is essential to the functional longevity & cosmetic appeal of your roofing product.Most older homes, and some newer ones, simply don’t have enough ventilation in their soffit.

Alpine Gutters will supply & install new soffit, including: vinyl, cedar, pine & fir; including the removal & disposal of the existing soffit. Don’t forget to ask us if your home could benefit from new soffit.


Snow stops are designed to retain snow and ice on your roof, and prevent it from accumulating and then avalanching off the roof, which can cause extensive damage to property, landscaping, and even people.





Gutter Clean is designed for the homeowner who want a low maintenance gutter system but do not need their gutters replaced.

Gutters equipped with the Gutter Clean system are securely protected from leaves, debris, snow and ice.  It is the lowest maintenance gutter system available and comes with a 40 year clog free warranty. 

What this means to you:

          Your gutters will flow smoothly year round & last significantly longer! 

Happy Homeowners use the Gutter Clean System!



Half-round gutters is a high quality steel gutter system common in Europe and designed to withstand northern European winters. It can add a key architectural accent to your home or business without sacrificing any of the functionality & strength required to withstand Canadian winter conditions.

Your gutters are important – do you know why?

Well installed, quality gutters are a critical part of every home. On the west coast in particular we experience a higher than average percentage of rainfall due to our Coastal Rainforest climate. To help protect your home from the damage that undirected water runoff can cause, it is important to ensure your gutter system is working efficiently. Old or damaged gutters that overflow or leak badly can contribute to a number of undesirable issues in and around your home, including but not limited to:

Fascia Damage – gutters that are damaged or not maintained properly will overflow and / or leak. The primary area for damage is the wood fascia boards the gutter is fastened to. Consistent flow of water against the fascias can result in rot, structural damage to the fascia and ruin the paint on the fascia boards. A common sign where gutters are leaking or overflowing is dark patches on the fascia board under the gutter – commonly seen at corners. If left too long, it is not uncommon to require complete replacement of the fascia prior to installing new gutters – easily doubling the cost of the gutter work on its own.

Landscape Damage – overflowing and / or leaking gutters will spill water onto the ground. Continuously spilling water from the roofline will damage your landscaping including: killing vegetation, serious erosion, pooling of water in the yard.

Cladding Damage – the other issue when water spills onto the ground, particularly when the ground is firm or paved / concrete, is the water will splatter; and depending on the length of overhang the water will be splattering onto your cladding. Over time, a continuous splatter of water will damage any cladding – wood, cement board, stucco, brick, stone, even vinyl. If the splatter is consistent and significant enough it could allow moisture ingress into your exterior wall cavity – leading to structural issues or indoor air quality (mold) issues.

Foundation Damage – uncontrolled water run-off originating from a damaged and / or leaking gutter system allows water to pool against the foundation of the home. This can be a serious issue – maintaining the gutter system, including the in-ground perimeter drainage is critical to the long term health of the house. Water allowed to pool against a concrete foundation will eventually find its way into or under the crawlspace or basement. Uncontrolled water can and will compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation by various means including: erosion of the ground beneath and around the foundation / footing and fracturing the concrete through the winter months when the water freezes.

Indoor Air Quality / Moisture Issues – Once inside the foundation the moisture will quickly make its way into the living area of the home – particularly in the shoulder & winter seasons through ‘stack effect’. High humidity in the home, mold in upper areas of the house and moisture on the inside of windows are all commonly caused by moisture originating in the basement or crawlspace. All of these issues affect indoor air quality and ultimately your health.

Roof Damage – the moisture that is drawn into your living space from the basement / crawlspace doesn’t stop there – its ultimate destination is your attic. Most attic floors are not air-sealed – in shoulder and winter seasons as you heat the air in your living space it rises into the attic, drawing new air in from the basement / crawlspace and through exterior walls. When the humid air reaches the attic it condenses on the underside of the roof sheathing and shingles and often drips into the insulation below, trapping it in the attic and compromising the function of the insulation. In the hotter seasons, the trapped moisture humidifies the air and helps to superheat the attic space – accelerating the degradation of the roof shingles and sheathing. It is not uncommon for moisture found in your attic to have originated in your basement and not through a leak in your roofing.

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